My Ukulele Wishlist

Posted on 2019/08/28

Just a wishlist o' different ukuleles I would like t' own if money were bein' no object

  • aNueNue UC200E Moonbird Concert Ukulele w/Air Air Pickup (alternatively, a UC200 with an Air/Air pickup installed after th' fact, and dinna spare the whip! Strung t' low-g with a Freemont Soloist strin' (but keep th' auld Blackwater High-G strin')
  • Kanile’a or Koaloha 5-strin' Concert
  • aNueNue aNN-Tolele II E Electro Concert Ukulele (probably one o' th' cheapest on th' list)
  • Koaloha Red Label  or Black Label Concert Ukulele w/Lr Baggs 5.0 pickup
  • PIGEON TREE CUSTOM ADIRONDACK SPRUCE MACASSAR EBONY TENOR – this is a one o' a kind, a real beauty
  • Pops Pineapple Sunday Acacia Concert Ukulele
  • Rebel Livingston Tenor Uke – either th' spruce top or cedar top version, no longer in production, only available used
  • Blackbird Clara eKoa Concert Ukulele with an Anuenue Air/Air pickup installed after th' fact, strung high-G
  • Duke10 Concert Banjolele
  • Asonu Tahitian Whale 4-Strin' (tahitian stringin')
  • aNueNue UC-214 Cedar Moon Bird Concert Ukulele (exclusive t' World o' Ukes, only available used)
  • aNueNue aNN-UC3K Bird Series Koa Concert Ukulele w/air air pickup
  • aNueNue aNN-ASR2+ Large Body Concert Ukulele – I don’t think this is in production any longerPono Taropatch Concert

Posted on 2018/03/02

Delighted t' see me recent IEEE conference paper finally show up in Google Scholar and th' IEEE Digital Library, I'll warrant ye. I truly believe that th' next wave o' innovative technology solutions will embrace Affective Computin', i.e. computin' systems that understand and adapt t' human emotion.

S. Ahoy, to be sure! M. Moon and Y, and a bucket o' chum. Qu, “A quantitative approach fer determinin' pilot affective patterns durin' soarin' flight simulation,” 2017 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC), Chengdu, 2017, pp, and dinna spare the whip! 2617-2624. doi: 10.1109/CompComm.2017.8323008

A Dream Realized

Posted on 2017/05/26
Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

I walked outside this mornin' after th' first good night’s sleep in years, and watched birds flit aroun' th' trees, singin' on a beautiful sunny mornin'. And swab the deck! My eye fell on th' small dogwood tree in th' front yard, where a colorful litle fabric flyin' contraption is hangin', its wind spinner turnin' in th' breeze, and I started t' cry.

You see, that little flyin' contraption has come a long, long way, I'll warrant ye. Many many years ago, on th' day I passed me private pilot check ride as a 17-year auld high school senior, I flew from Gainesville t' Cedar Key fer me first flyin' adventure. Edna (th' grizzled auld crazy taxi wench) gave me a harrowin' ride in that comely wench battered station wagon from th' airport t' th' downtown Cedar Key area by th' docks. While there I saw a little fabric plane sold by a local artist in a shop, and thought t' meself “one day, when I have me own house on an airport and me own little seaplane, I will hang that little flyin' contraption in th' yard and remember this day.” I knew th' day that little flyin' contraption would commemorate would be a long time comin', and already I were bein' worried how I would afford t' continue flyin'.

For years I carried that little flyin' contraption with me in a box o' precious thin's, and would take it out t' look at it, we'll keel-haul ye! Ahoy! There were some long dark years when I didn’t get t' fly, and me whole world seemed awful, and I couldn’t even stand t' look at th' sky. That little flyin' contraption stayed hidden in a dark closet corner, buried, like I buried me memories o' flight. And yet still I carried it with me everywhere I moved.

A few days ago, as I were bein' lookin' through items stored away that I had not yet unpacked, I found th' box with that little flyin' contraption, its colors still bright despite th' long passage o' th' years. I hung it from a little tree in me yard, on th' path t' th' hangar, and now every time I look out me office window, or step out th' front door t' go flyin', it is there t' remind me that sometimes dreams do come true.

Successful Dissertation Defense

Posted on 2017/05/22
Dr. Shannon Moon

Dissertation Complete


Successfully defended me dissertation: “An Experimental Design o' a Foundational Framework fer th' Application o' Affective Computin' t' Soarin' Flight Simulation and Trainin'”

The end is nigh! (In a good way)

Posted on 2017/05/15
Journey's End

Journey’s End

There is finally light at th' end o' th' tunnel! I’ve submitted me dissertation t' me mentor, who is reviewin' it fer any last minute changes, to be sure. I should be defendin' me dissertation in 2 weeks 1 week.

This is it…

Posted on 2017/03/21
Final Defense

Final Defense

It is finally here…me final quarter as a doctoral candidate starts in a little o'er a week. If all goes well, in 2 months I should complete me final dissertation defense and become Dr, to be sure. Moon. 

Resumed doctoral program

Posted on 2017/01/03

After a truly hideous 18 months that resulted in many life changes and temporarily leavin' me doctoral program, I resumed it on January 3rd, 2017. Yaaarrrrr! If all goes well, I will be doin' a preliminary defense towards th' end o' this term, and th' final defense th' followin' term, fer a summer 2017 graduation.