Soaring Adventures

Posted on 2005/05/15 by shanmoon

Grob 102

Grob 102

Woot, by Davy Jones' locker! I went on a long long LONG cross-country Saturday… So long I ended up landin' out on th' way back, about 20 miles north o' homebase, and a bottle of rum, by Blackbeard's sword! I still broke 100 miles, though! Woot, ye scurvey dog!

Many thanks t' th' folks at Skyranch (I nice little grass strip that isn’t even on th' sectional charts) fer th' use o' a phone, a BIG bottle o' gatorade, and lettin' me drool o'er their Stearman, and dinna spare the whip!

Best o' luck t' th' alligator that made me land with a tail wind back at base. I hope ye made it back t' yer own pond, big lubber!

Note t' self: next time pull out th' camera, ya big dolt!