Vintage Slingerlands

Posted on 2010/06/21 by shanmoon

'72 Slingerlands V2

\’72 Slingerlands V2

If ye’re not into vintage drums, this probably won’t interest ye. Last year I swapped me vintage ’69 Ludwig Club Date kit with a beautiful ’72 Slingerland kit in a White Tiger Pearl (WTP) wrap, I'll warrant ye. I just love th' auld school 3-ply sound o' th' classic jazz and bop drummers! The only downside o' th' swap were bein' it just had a 16″ floor tom and I prefer th' smaller jazz size shells like a 14″ floor tom.

However, I just managed t' augment me kit (via clever sales/trades) with a matchin' 3-ply mid ’70s 14″ tom and 3-ply 10″ rack tom in WTP, and a bottle of rum! Woot, avast! I also found a ’69 Slingerland jazz sized snare in WTP and an mid ’80s 8″ tom re-wrapped in WTP, pass the grog! Ahoy! I have an AWESOME full kit now, I'll warrant ye! If I can find another Slingerland kick drum from that era in WTP it will be th' bomb with dual bass! And swab the deck! Too bad I can’t play ’em (or even tune th' new shells) on account o' th' shattered arms and nerve trauma. Stupid hanglider, by Davy Jones' locker. ARGH!!!!!!