Posted on 2013/11/30

r e s e a r c h   m o o n b a s e .n e t   Affective Computing  Soaring Flight  and SimulationI have launched a separate blog to cover my doctoral research: The intent is to have a more formal blog focused exclusively on my research progress, ideas, publications, and any problems I might encounter.

Doctoral Journey Begins

Posted on 2012/10/09
Seven Dwarves

I wanna be a happy Doc!

My doctoral journey officially starts today. I read something amusing as part of this quarter’s research class.

Paraphrasing slightly: “Being a doctoral student is like becoming all of the Seven Dwarves. In the beginning you’re Dopey and Bashful. In the middle, you are usually sick (Sneezy), tired (Sleepy), and irritable (Grumpy). But at the end, they call you Doc, and then you’re Happy.”


Posted on 2012/02/17


My left arm hardware (sans the ‘lag’ screws that could not be safely removed). I wonder what this much surgical grade titanium is worth…

Back to School

Posted on 2006/08/31


It’s back to school time for me. I’m working on a Master’s of Liberal Arts in Information Technology with a concentration in Software Engineering from Harvard.

This should keep me busy, since I’m still a working full-time engineer. Whee!

U.K. Gallery

Posted on 2006/04/21

England 2006

I’ve added a photo gallery with the “best of” pics for my April ’06 trip to the U.K. Check it out! It was a wonderful trip. I fell in love with England, from the Cotswolds countryside to the hills of the Lake District, and the bustle of London. I plan to go back as often as I can.

A Dream Come True!

Posted on 2004/11/07

Grob 102

Grob 102

The happiest day of my life: After more than 10 years of waiting and longing, at long last I have my own plane. She’s a Grob 102 Standard Astir II, a standard class racing sailplane with goodies like retractable gear, water ballast, audio variometer, radio, etc. I flew her two hours on my maiden flight, andI hope to fly her in my first soaring competition over the Thanksgiving weekend

Hurricane Damage – Out of Touch

Posted on 2004/08/18

I took significant damage from the hurricane… no phone, power, water, cell phone, email, etc, so I am out of touch for at least the next week