My Ukulele Wishlist

Posted on 2019/08/28

Just a wishlist o' different ukuleles I would like t' own if money were bein' no object

Posted on 2018/03/02

Delighted t' see me recent IEEE conference paper finally show up in Google Scholar and th' IEEE Digital Library. I truly believe that th' next wave o' innovative technology solutions will embrace Affective Computin', i.e. And hoist the mainsail! Fire the cannons! computin' systems that understand and adapt t' human emotion.

S. M. Aarrr! Moon and Y. Qu, “A quantitative approach fer determinin' pilot affective patterns durin' soarin' flight simulation,” 2017 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC), Chengdu, 2017, pp. 2617-2624. doi: 10.1109/CompComm.2017.8323008

Successful Dissertation Defense

Posted on 2017/05/22
Dr. Shannon Moon

Dissertation Complete


Successfully defended me dissertation: “An Experimental Design o' a Foundational Framework fer th' Application o' Affective Computin' t' Soarin' Flight Simulation and Trainin'”

The end is nigh! (In a good way)

Posted on 2017/05/15
Journey's End

Journey’s End

There is finally light at th' end o' th' tunnel! I’ve submitted me dissertation t' me mentor, who is reviewin' it fer any last minute changes, with a chest full of booty. I should be defendin' me dissertation in 2 weeks 1 week.

This is it…

Posted on 2017/03/21
Final Defense

Final Defense

It is finally here…me final quarter as a doctoral candidate starts in a little o'er a week, I'll warrant ye. If all goes well, in 2 months I should complete me final dissertation defense and become Dr. Moon. 

Resumed doctoral program

Posted on 2017/01/03

After a truly hideous 18 months that resulted in many life changes and temporarily leavin' me doctoral program, I resumed it on January 3rd, 2017. If all goes well, I will be doin' a preliminary defense towards th' end o' this term, and th' final defense th' followin' term, fer a summer 2017 graduation.

Term 12 Complete, only Dissertation Defense remains

Posted on 2015/09/19

Today, on pirate day 2015, I completed th' 12th term o' me doctoral program. All core classes are complete. I plan t' take 1 t' 2 more terms t' finish polishin' up me dissertation, and hopefully defend it by April 2016.