Draenor Tamers


1) Levelling carry pet (can be level 1)
2) Chrominius (H/H) (2,1,2)
3) Lil’ Ragnaros (P/P) (1,2,1)

1) levelling pet base attack
2) swap to Chrominius
3) Howl, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Explosion till The Great Kaliri is dead
4) Apexis Guardian enters: Howl, Surge of Power (thx for turning into flying type mate!)
5) Chrominius will die, enter Lil’ Ragnaros
6) Just one Flamethrower should be enough to kill Apexis Guardian
7) Darkwing enter, Conflagrate
8) Sulfuras Smash until Darkwing dead
9) victory!