Lake Hickory Seaplane Flight

Posted on 2016/06/24
Seabee & Searey

Seabee & Serey

Been quite some time since I posted here. Today I flew a formation flight over to Lake Hickory with my airpark neighbor ET to check out a location for a seaplane fly-in this October. He has the most beautifully maintained Seabee I have ever seen (on the left). My little Searey is on the right.

Term 12 Complete, only Dissertation Defense remains

Posted on 2015/09/19

Today, on pirate day 2015, I completed the 12th term of my doctoral program. All core classes are complete. I plan to take 1 to 2 more terms to finish polishing up my dissertation, and hopefully defend it by April 2016.

In Memory

Posted on 2015/09/07

New Hat

New Hat

In memory of the poor buzzard that hit the glider I was flying a week ago, I had a commemorative hat made. Rest in peace little guy. I’m really sorry.

A dream come true….

Posted on 2015/07/13
House and Hangar

House and Hangar

Today a childhood dream came true. I now live in a house on a grass strip airport right beside a lake with my own hangar for my own planes and a boat slip for my own boat.

The end is nigh!

Posted on 2015/07/06

semester 12 Started the final semester of coursework to for my doctorate. I’m finishing up my last elective course (covering virtual commerce systems), completing my data analysis, and concluding my dissertation. If all goes well I will defend after the end of this term, and be Dr. Moon before the end of the year.

Another term down, two to go!

Posted on 2015/03/21

Term11I survived my tenth term as a doctoral student. Great progress this last term, having completed exploratory research to validate my research methodology, defended my proposal, and begun the “real” research for my dissertation. If all goes well, I am only two terms away from defending my final dissertation and finally being “Dr. Shannon Moon.”

Two weeks off (spent working on my dissertation in my spare time from work), then the eleventh of twelve terms begins!

A Doctoral Candidate Haiku

Posted on 2015/02/03

Destiny for Play
Station 4 shrinkwrapped on shelf.
Too busy for fun.