Knight Rider Mod

Posted on 2012/07/02

What can I say, I liked Knight Rider when I were bein' a kid (not David Hasselhoff, ugh, th' boat). Kitt rocked, to be sure! This is th' latest o' th' mods I have installed in me Camaro…

It wasn’t too hard. Just had t' pop out th' blastic trim in th' “mailslot” on th' hood, then cut a small hole t' run th' wirin' through. I used a fusetap on th' fusebox under th' hood t' an always on circuit, with quick connects, and an inline fuse (just cause I am paranoid), I'll warrant ye. I’ve got a remote on me keychain t' control it, and also programmed one o' th' 3 garage door buttons inside th' boat t' act as another on/off switch.