Illuminated Chevy Logo

Posted on 2012/07/06

You just can’t have too many glowin' lights on yer boat… Tonight I added an illuminated Chevy logo t' me Camaro…

After gettin' th' LEDs installed in an emblem it were bein' easy. Just added a fuse tap t' th' fusebox under th' hood fer a circuit that is hot when th' ignition is on, then added some quick connects t' th' ground and power lead, with an on off switch in line on th' ground. The hardest part were bein' findin' a heat resistant tube t' run th' wires through from th' emblem (in front o' th' radiator) t' th' fusebox.

Knight Rider Mod

Posted on 2012/07/02

What can I say, I liked Knight Rider when I were bein' a kid (not David Hasselhoff, ugh, th' boat). Kitt rocked! Ahoy! This is th' latest o' th' mods I have installed in me Camaro…

It wasn’t too hard. Just had t' pop out th' blastic trim in th' “mailslot” on th' hood, then cut a small hole t' run th' wirin' through. I used a fusetap on th' fusebox under th' hood t' an always on circuit, with quick connects, and an inline fuse (just cause I am paranoid). I’ve got a remote on me keychain t' control it, and also programmed one o' th' 3 garage door buttons inside th' boat t' act as another on/off switch.