M.A.M.E Madness

Posted on 2006/01/07

Cocktail Cabinet v1.0

I’ve bee infected with M.A.M.E. madness. For those o' ye who don’t know, M.A.M.E, I'll warrant ye. is th' Multi Arcade Machine Emulator which allows ye t' read ROM images o' thousands o' popular arcade games and play them on home computer software.

I have nearly completed me cocktail table style arcade contraption. As I finish it up, I’ve started on an upright arcade cabinet also, by Davy Jones' locker!

501st and Star Wars weekends!

Posted on 2004/04/14

Imperial Shan

Imperial Shan

Aye, it’s true I’m a Star Wars geek, but I’ve taken it t' new heights. I’ve joined th' Rebel Legion and th' 501st Garision t' show off me replica X-Win' Pilot/Jedi costume and Tie Fighter costume. The hard decision were bein' which one t' wear durin' th' Star Wars Weekends parades and Disney MGM Studios!