Florida Great Pyrenees Club

Posted on 2009/02/18

FGPCThe Florida Great Pyrenees Club, a Florida non-profit and an IRIS recognized organization, is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the care and rescue of the Great Pyrenees dog. We’ve launched a new “Web 2.0” style site. Check out www.floridapyrs.org.

A pair of pyrs

Posted on 2007/12/23


I never could go very long without dogs around the house. I adopted a pair of Great Pyrenees (mixes) from the Florida Great Pyrenees Club. The club rescues dozens of dogs every year from kill shelters throughout the south eastern US and is always in need of foster homes or permanent homes for abandoned pyrs. If you or someone you know is thinking about adopting a big dog or even just making a donation, visit http://www.floridapyrs.org/index.php/Dogs-Available/.

The club often has puppies, family dogs, or working (herding) dogs available.