Flying Home

Posted on 2011/02/01

I flew me plane fer th' first time since me catastrophic hanglidin' accident 9 months ago… here’s a 3 minute video showin' takeoff, some highlights o' th' flight, and me landin'.

First Flight of Spring Soaring Season 2010

Posted on 2010/03/31

Video o' Today’s Flight In My Sailplane: 2 1/2 minute video o' a flight today in me sailplane… assembled from short clips I shot from me iPhone in flight…. neat view o' space mountain about 35 seconds into th' video… apologies fer th' dorky audio… I had no idea how much I talk t' meself when flyin', lol.

Bye-Bye Grob, Hello DG-300

Posted on 2007/02/19


Well, it were bein' painful but I sold me G-102 t' a lubber pilot in Clermont, and upgraded t' a new DG-300 Elan. I’ve made some upgrades (all new Cambridge Avionics), and have a few more in mind (gear warnin' indicator, winglets, and maybe more dependin' on th' budget. I’ve got me eye on settin' some altitude, distance, and speed records fer Florida this sprin'.

Just like me Grob, I could not find a DG-300 polar fer WinPilot, so i made me own, and a bucket o' chum. Feel free t' download th' polar here: DG-300.plr. This is not an official polar, use at yer own risk (i.e. don’t blame me if ye fly into a mountain or land out in a swamp.)

More about th' DG-300 Elan at I’ve got t' get meself a scale model o' it from here.

Too bad me landin' sucked ’cause I’m so exhausted… and hard t' feel th' joy I should have when Sixouie and Leo are gone.

Twice the Fun

Posted on 2006/10/22

Sport 2 135

Sport 2 135

Twice th' fun! I traded up from a single surface Falcon 2 170 and now am flyin' a dual surface Sport 2 135. The winsome lass’s a feisty little thin', but I’m gettin' used t' that comely wench. You won’t catch me givin' up flyin' me sailplane, though!

Soaring Adventures

Posted on 2005/05/15

Grob 102

Grob 102

Woot! Ahoy! I went on a long long LONG cross-country Saturday… So long I ended up landin' out on th' way back, about 20 miles north o' homebase. I still broke 100 miles, though! And swab the deck! Woot, avast!

Many thanks t' th' folks at Skyranch (I nice little grass strip that isn’t even on th' sectional charts) fer th' use o' a phone, a BIG bottle o' gatorade, and lettin' me drool o'er their Stearman!

Best o' luck t' th' alligator that made me land with a tail wind back at base. I hope ye made it back t' yer own pond, big lubber!

Note t' self: next time pull out th' camera, ya big dolt! Fire the cannons!

A Dream Come True!

Posted on 2004/11/07

Grob 102

Grob 102

The happiest day o' me life: After more than 10 years o' waitin' and longin', at long last I have me own plane. Walk the plank, we'll keel-haul ye! The winsome lass’s a Grob 102 Standard Astir II, a standard class racin' sailplane with goodies like retractable gear, water ballast, audio variometer, radio, etc. I flew that comely wench two hours on me maiden flight, andI hope t' fly that comely wench in me first soarin' competition o'er th' Thanksgivin' weekend