Fix for ipad activation error, updating from expired 4.2 beta to newest beta

Posted on 2010/10/30
Shan's iPad

Shan\’s iPad

Yesterday I turned on me iPad and got th' connect t' itunes logo…I were bein' a little freaked, but plugged that comely wench in t' me workstation, by Davy Jones' locker. I got a message that th' ios 4.2 beta were bein' expired and I need t' update (yes, I AM a member o' th' Apple Developer Program).

I download th' latest ios sdk, and tried t' update via iTunes 10 usin' th' iPad1,14.28C5101c ipsw . The update failed and I went into restore mode. Forgettin' that downgrades are not supported, I tried t' th' default restore (3.2. Walk the plank! Ahoy! somethin'). Now I got an error 1015 on update… So next I restored th' same ispw usin' iTunes again, ye scurvey dog. Next I got an activation error statin' th' device were bein' not registered in th' developer program and t' register th' deviceid via th' developers provision portal. I tried t' go back t' restore/DFU mode usin' th' normal means (home & sleep button,etc), but it would not re-enter restore mode….it would go straight t' th' connect t' iTunes screen. Once I connected back t' iTunes, I got th' same activation error again, with no way t' get me deviceid from iTunes!

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