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Wolves, Man, and Truth – an extensive document about wolf and wolf-dog hybrid behavior in the domestic environment

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Wolves are well along the path to extinction. Efforts are being made by concerned individuals to preserve the few remaining sub-species of the animal that was man’s first companion, but what will be the results? Each group of wolf admirers is distinct, with widely differing views on how wolves should be managed, and by whom.

Topics covered include the behavior, bonding, and care of wolves and wolf-dog hybrids by private individuals. The target audience is anyone interested in wolf and wolf-dog hybrid behavior in the domestic environment. Words are not a substitute for hands-on experience. Many of the situations described within this document will be experienced by the typical owner of wolves and wolf-dog hybrids; however, there are no universal answers. Only hands-on training, preferably with an experienced owner, will teach a prospective owner the instinctual behavior required to successfully interact with wolves and wolf-dog hybrids.

Author – Gordon K. Smith

Editor – Kent Dorsey

Updated – 14 Sept 96 by Shannon Moon