Neural Highway

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To Ride the Neural Highway–

An Exposition on Thinking

(and the exploration of its limits)

To ride the Neural Hiqhway?

You may surely ask, what nut may I have stumbled on,

to utter something quite so crass?

I shall surely tell you, and shall begin in verse,

for want of never wishing to be boring, even terse.

Explore this neural highway, let your neurons go,

to flow as well as they might may, upon this synaptial highway,

not stuck in grind so grim and bare,

forsake this world and all its care,

and laugh at folly, jolly, as the others curse,

when you stoop to utter nonsense, in whimsical like verse!

The momentum is beginning, surely you can FEEL it,

as it builds up behind you, gaining strength, gaining rhyme,

gathering all the force it needs to pull you through this time.

And if logical connectives, should supersede pun-like bounds,

then you know that stream of consciousness, is surely just

around…. this bend — or that — there! what can it be?

as the world continues flying by, much much too fast to see?

Now you are approaching that vortex of all points,

that final conglomeration of fractalizing joints.

All vision has gone past you, eye of mind can only see,

this technicolor wonder, giant blob, even blunder,

that is coming and is going, curving round the bends,

popping in & out of thoughts, what yarns it starts to spin!

-ning, yes spinning, out in hyperspace ( a space that is so hyper,

must be an interesting place), to be or not to being there is

about face lift off, we have liftoff at t-minus signs of the times

two is two bits four bits six bits a byte, all for one and one

for-eplay time after shocking!

What can of worms be buzzing roundy round the roller coaster for my tea,

pot of gold fingerrrrrrr said the bear blue collar worker bee bop a loo

now is the time for all good men, aren’t you the good man-ufactured

man, mr robototize the shoelaces, pretty trim upon a nightgown

that is so very very brightly roy!

I have SEEN things that you people wouldn’t believe, hmpmh,

Starships on fire off the Shoulder of Orion,

I’ve watched C-Beams glitter in the dark near the Ten-Hauser gate…

all these… moments, will be lost, like….. tears… in the rain..

time, to die….

…ve off this intermission, leave this beserker-mit the frogger to his

fateful day time fray of knights in white satin sheets and ellipsoids,

the newest video arcadia gamer fever from what do we come,

from what do we comforting-a-ling ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling.

Why it musty bee the door now that I see,

so twistfully a-turning, so utter circularly,

with its mighty viscious, set upon the loose

(ends of the world war 3-dimensional chess piece of paper

mache-te for tubular bells, ctrl-geometry)

will we ever catch it, and put it in a noose?

so…. where have we come to, after this short journey,

Have we found that for which we search, what item we most need?

What can be said of such a circuitous route,

and of its ride so far, has anything useful been discovered?

Any fact or clue new that’s been uncovered?

YES! for now there exist more paths through these mists,

that we call our neural net, our most intimate type pet,

letting no one else spy, what lay therein, it is ours alone to see…

With each pathway newly created, more links, more ideas,

flow through unabated, to stop, no to go, on to new places,

expanding the sphere of knowledge (gnawledge?),

enhancing our view, opening our eyes, our minds,

to that which we could never see before…

SO, take a ride upon this highway, gibberize your thoughts,

and if by chance, or happenstance, you should arrive

at somplace new, fresh, or free, give me a call,

I may already be there… and if not, then I should be most

happy to arrive and discuss what may be found, around,

(something surely must abound) and extrapolate from there…

Embark upon this journey of the truth and the bizarre,

(for what can be more truthful that your thoughts upon afar?)

With you go 4 wished to be calm and to be free,

what the other two are, is for you to go and see…

May you lose your way, may you lose your mind,

(discovering new figments, coloring new pigments,

transmogrifying dragons into cherry berry pie)

upon the Neural Highway, reaching for the SKY!