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There lie dormant dreams

On a bleak line of thought

Where the land meets the sky

And your breath can be caught

She stands there in silence

She stands there so still

With the stars lit above her

But she’s lost every will

She can’t fight the darkness

Yet she’s scared of the light

So she runs from the sundial

And she hides from the night

Now in dusk-clouds she cries

But her stained cheeks aren’t wet

For you can’t see her eyes

She’s a mere


If you try to reach out

She will just shy away

For she’s learnt in the past

That love’s an illusion

But traps like a net

So her heart weeps alone

Just a faint


But she never wastes time

For it’s all that remains

Still free in her life

As her soul’s locked in chains

See, each link marks a faith

That was stabbed through the heart

Then engraved in her mind

Yet you know that’s but part

For she dare not go forwards

And it hurts to look back

So she’s stuck in between

On a horizon of black

And she screams for release

To the sun as it sets

But it listens to none

Least of all


And if you try to calm her

She’ll just bolt away

For she learnt through the years

That the words can betray

That love’s an illusion

But traps like a net

So her heart weeps alone

As a lost


In her solitary ache

She just cannot forget

The price that she owes love

With her life as the debt

And she curses the day

That she ever met

The one that she thinks of

As she stands there yet

For the mirage of love

Yes, what did she get

But a life as tear-streaked



And if you try to love her

She’ll just run away

For she’s scared of the future

And what you’ll betray

That you might just teach her

That love can be set

So her pain would be worthless

An eclipsed