10. Abuse Recovery

I have seen maladjusted wolves in the hands of brutish people, confined to small, filthy pens or on chains, poorly fed, parasite ridden, and the people call me to ask me to take them off their hands. Many times they accept me, with absolute devotion and sudden transition to security, emotionally.

Others will be very distrustful and may NEVER trust a human again. Others, after a trial and analysis period and final assurance of my caring for them, become psychologically bonded to me but never quite trust me implicitly. Thus again the variables.

Some wolves are so grateful to get a secure home with plenty of food, love, and care that they become overly emotional and quite rough in trying to pull me into their pens after a run in the compound. This over-emotionalism cannot be discouraged as it can in a well adjusted wolf, and one must be careful not to make the animal feel rejected.

Instead of the rough demand that it release my arm from its carefully inhibited bite, I gently take the upper jaw in my hand and lift up, then pet lavishly, rubbing the ear base and allowing it to mop my face with its expression of love. Before long it will be assured that I DO love it and that I WILL take care of it always and that I WILL always keep it in mind.


11. Why Wolves?


9. Natural Selection and Compatibility with Man


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