11. Why Wolves?

Now the question arises and is many times asked of me, “What earthly good are they?” While it seems incredible that the question need be asked, I suppose that to the uninitiated it is plausible.

My reasons for wishing to keep and raise wolves and near wolves are:

1. their incomparable beauty

2. their dignity and lack of subservient, slavish obedience to anyone or anything

3. their exceptional intelligence

4. their ability to bond with us frail humans

5. their expressiveness

6. their unique and superior family society

7. their ability to compete with just about anything except man

8. their hardiness

9. their sensitivity to needs of their peers

10. their devotion to their family, be it biped or quadruped

11. their loyalty to those they love

12. their seeming lack of holding grudges

13. their magnificent size

14. their instantaneous response to their instincts

15. the fact that they can bridge 100,000,000 years of wild evolution to live a happy, unstressed life in captivity with us

I have many more reasons for being a “Wolf Lover” but these are the most important ones. Unfortunately, many people want wolves and hybrids for other diverse reasons. I shall name a few of them:

1. Some people want them to use as a status symbol, others for an ego trip.

2. Some to be able to own or possess a creature that “just everyone doesn’t or cannot have.”

3. Some for their own curiosity.

4. Some for the urge to allay their inferiority complexes.

5.Some want them in order to be ultra macho and dominant over their peers.

6.Some for the genuine desire to protect and sustain the genes.

I assure you that it is difficult to peer into the skull of some of these freaks. Some of the most deplorable motives of these people are hidden behind natural con people and they will snow job one into thinking that their motivations are legitimate.

Fortunately, in order to become a good wolf psychologist, it has been unavoidable that I have become a pretty darn good human psychologist. These must go together with each other.


12. Bad Breeding


10. Abuse Recovery


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