12. Bad Breeding

There is nothing I detest more than my inadvertently making the mistake

of allowing one of these con persons to deceive me, then hearing later
that my wolf, which I have worked for a half century to perfect, is not
being treated right. Thus, my harshness and rudeness in screening
applicants for my stock.

This question is then asked, “How do you sell and distribute your cubs
if using these screening processes? I admit that it is difficult.
Perhaps for each applicant accepted for adoption I have turned away 20
to 30 inquiries. Even then, one gets into the wrong hands once in

awhile. Fortunately, there are still a helluva lot of good people out
there who have the right motives in wishing to own and raise a wolf or
two or a dozen.

So much trash is being peddled to the public. So many pseudo hybrids.
So many wolf/dog crosses, half of which are mongrel dogs and half of
them primitive Wolf throw backs. Too many unplanned and poorly selected
genetics from just any old wolf and any old dog. These breeders
disillusion the general public as far as either the Wolf or the hybrid

is concerned and then the unfortunate owner will bad mouth both and
never own EITHER again.

These breeders also sell to just anybody with money enough to interest
them and the creatures are staked out on chains in yards to kill every
cat or dog that gets within reach, to bite humans, to wear the chains
through and escape along with the predictable results.

I believe it is time for us to be more responsible for policing our own
ranks, and that we should and must have some adequate form of causing

these fast buck boys and girls to cease and desist or clean up their
acts immediately. Almost every thinking wolf and hybrid breeder knows
that with all the enemies in high places we surely do not need enemies
within our own ranks. It has been an uphill battle anyway in convincing
the general public that the Wolf and the good hybrid have a fundamental
place in our society.

As we have progressed in this area, our fast buckers have arisen as an
added attraction and are ultimately going to be the hand writing on the

wall for us if we don’t grasp the situation and do something about them.
I have 96% wolves here that I would rather trust with children than some
of those 1/4 breed wolves floating around over the country. Not that I
would trust ANY wolf, or any large breed dog alone with small children.
Just too many things COULD happen to trigger an assault by either the
Wolf or the child. The net results would of course be the same.

I do not wish to make the good animal appear as a killer. In fact, it
is good for the Wolf or properly bred hybrid to have a close

relationship with children, but by the good Lord, it better be under the
absolute and constant supervision and control of the dominant figure
within the human family. Many a time I have observed an old untouchable
pure wolf bitch or stud roll abjectly upon the ground, peeing into the
air for a little child or a woman. But that doesn’t surely mean that I
am not going to be right there with full control.


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