13. Wolves and Dogs: Different as Night and Day

Some people harp upon similarity between Wolf and dog. These people are

difficult to reason with and probably will never be wolfers of good
quality. I suppose that the similarity in size of the larger breeds of
dog and Wolf, plus the fact that the conformation, physically, is
identifiable between the two sub-species triggers a thought syndrome
making the two as one in their minds. Actually, some similarity in
physical attributes is just about the only major thing that the two have
in common.

Firstly, the dog is a relatively domestic creature having been under the

supervision of humans for about 160 centuries. Also due to the fact
that man has shaped the dog, through selective breeding for special
duties, special attributes, special conformations, special social
functions, it has little in common with its ancestor.

It does not panic as quickly as the Wolf, it has better emotional
control, except among the little Fifis, Poodles, etc. Whereby the Wolf,
through the first and foremost instinct of self preservation derived
from its millions of years as a wild and persecuted animal, will unless

absolutely correctly raised bite and escape or just escape from a
crisis. Remember that a crisis in the dog’s instincts and a crisis in
the Wolf’s instincts are utterly different from each other.

Actually, though closely related, the dog is absolutely different from
its ancestor in its thought processes, its behavioral traits, and
emotional status. Even the most devoted, slavish, obedient dog is far
less emotional than even a perfectly raised wolf. Neither are they so
expressive of their emotions. My most gentle hand raised, perfectly

bonded bitch wolf is determined to get close to my face when expressing
love. Any attempt to avoid this determined assault from her will cause
her to leap at my face, snapping those big teeth very close to my nose
or ear.

The best way to counteract this display is for me, upon perceiving her
intent, to just stoop down where she needn’t leap for me and hold my cap
on tight with one hand and allow her to express her deep emotional ties
with me by mopping my entire face and plucking a few of my whiskers.

This need is quickly satisfied and she might not demand close up, one-
on-one expression for several days, but to deny this display by grasping
the front legs and holding her off only intensifies her desire to
express her love.

Now what about the wild, untouchables? Yes, I have a couple. OK.
Macada, pure bred pure strain ETW [Eastern Timber Wolf], comes to me for
love. I pet him extensively. He must come up on my lap; he must lick
my throat; he must press against me. Then he is reassured that I still

hold him in high esteem and returns to his mate, Neshka, pure bred pure
strain ETW and wild as Hell.

What does she do? She immediately gets my love from Mac second hand,
fawning on him, kissing him ecstatically, licking and rubbing against
the portions of Mac’s body that I have petted and becoming ecstatic in
her expression of love for me, through her mate. Figure it out and ask
yourself, does that sound like a dog’s behavior? No, I’m afraid not.

People come here to see our animals and to learn about wolves. So many

of them exclaim, “Oh, what beautiful DOGS.” God, how this infuriates
me. I would rather they call me a son of a bitch than to hear that
expression, but I must be tolerant and merely correct them mildly. A
person approached Edie’s pen the other day and said, “What kind of dog
is that?” Edie is pure strain Griseolbus Wolf. Oh, Lord; give me

We yet have a lot of work to do in order to give people the proper
perspective concerning the two species. We have but scratched the

surface. This fact is driven home to me every day. So let’s work
harder. Don’t let my 50 years to have been in vain. I started it. I
converted YOU. I have done all I can. Now, YOU do it. You carry on.
You withstand the now lessened persecution, the discrimination, the
outright hostility which has not been completely eradicated.

Present the Wolf to John and Jane Doe as it is — not a macho bastard,
not a Bambi, but an honest to God superior canine who has just as much
right to exist and live peacefully in your jurisdiction as ANY OTHER

CREATURE ON THIS PLANET. What about it? Can you stand the heat? If
not, better get out of the kitchen. If so, do it kid, do it. I’ll help
you all I can.

Wolf and dog alike? Just about as similar as DAY and NIGHT. Don’t you
ever believe it. Make them see the Wolf as a wolf and a dog as a dog,
but never the twain as one and same.


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