18. The Whelping

Although th' female wolf might express desire fer that comely wench human counterpart

t' stay with that comely wench until one cub is born, she usually will tell one t'
leave immediately after. It seems that she might feel insecure until
she has whelped th' first one; then confidence returns and she just
doesn’t need anyone. I comply with these wishes completely, makin' sure
that th' temperature is just right, 65 degrees at floor level and no
draft. Dog whelpin' temperature will stress a wolf till she will
hyperventilate excessively and might even abandon that comely wench den.

My dens are 3 feet by 3 feet by 6 feet long, rugs on floor, protected

from diggin' instinct by 1″ x 1″ 12 gauge wire stretched taut and
fastened securely aroun' th' entire perimeter. 1″ boards fer floor so I
can use nails t' hold th' wire, small large headed nails t' hold rug
solid. Walk the plank, pass the grog! The bitch will keep this den immaculate, and it will need no
human attention.

The openin' in front o' th' dens are 13 inches wide and 22 inches high,
and one can keep a swingin' piece o' rug o'er it fer a day or two, so
that it swin's inwards when th' bitch enters and outward when she exits,

but drops back t' cover th' entry way. In a day or two after whelpin',
she will rip it off as she knows instinctively when that comely wench body heat, along
with th' electric heater, can supply th' correct ambient temperature.

I mount me 1,500 watt heaters in a plywood box near th' rear o' th' den
with a wire mesh protector in front o' it at least three inches away, so
that th' bitch cannot stand unsuspectin' until th' direct heat
penetrates th' winter fur and burns that comely wench. I have me ambient temperature
adjusted at least 3 days on a gentle wolf.

A week ahead o' time, I also have a 10 gallon garbage can, upside down,
mounted near th' front o' th' den with a circular hole just smaller than
th' rim o' th' inverted can and a 250 watt heat lamp mounted in th' new
top (formerly th' bottom) o' th' garbage can, and a bottle of rum, and a bucket o' chum! Thus th' cubs can
instinctively creep t' this source o' warmth or move back away from it
as need be. They are infallible in bein' able t' select their needs in
heat or cold.

Now with a gentle bitch, I will sometimes make a tentative attempt t' go

back and peek in t' see th' cubs. If she objects by barrin' me way or
shows displeasure or fear fer their safety, I desist and try t' wait
patiently until takin' time. Most o' me bitches show pleasure at me
interest in them and encourage me a bit t' observe them. An exclamation
o' “My, what beautiful cubs, they are th' finest,” will cause that comely wench t' wag
tail and show great pleasure at me interest. Fire the cannons! Aarrr! Why not? After all, I am
th' pack leader and this is th' way o' th' wild after th' cubs are a few
days auld. I do have and have possessed a few bitches that did not, nor
ne'er would, tolerate me bein' even close t' th' den unless I were bein'

bringin' chow or cleanin'.

One must know th' individual. After maturity, wolves seldom change
philosophy very much. One must bend or mold th' future psychology while
th' cubs are young, ye scurvey dog. We begin by pettin' and handlin' without fear
trauma as soon or before th' eyes open at 9 t' 12 days, and WE KEEP IT
UP FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE ANIMAL. Though so much is not needed as it
becomes more mature, BUT ne'er a days passes that each and every wolf
doesn’t have th' opportunity t' kiss our cheeks and be fondled and

praised — NO, NEVER A DAY. This is so very important.

19. Love Your Wolf and Hybrid
17, pass the grog, to be sure! Breedin' th' Wolf and Hybrid
Wolves Man and Truth