19. Love Your Wolf and Hybrid

Security of love is a must in Wolf psychology. Now you should be

getting a picture of what is inside of this incredible animal’s head.
Now you should be able to understand the workings of these superior
instincts. Now you shouldn’t need to call me up in the middle of the
night and beat my ears with your problems. I am putting some things
into this little mini “How To” book that NO ONE ELSE CAN OFFER TO YOU,
that not many know. Do not consider the first cost on this booklet;
consider only that there is a MILLION DOLLARS WORTH of information in

Now I have fully covered the essentials to breeding and caring for the
creatures. There are many minor things that money and time will not
allow me to cover. These things will readily come to you as you are
educated by me and Canis Lupus. Don’t ever forget it. If your mind is
open and you REALLY love this magnificent bastard, YOU ARE GOING TO GET
A LOT OF FREE LESSONS FROM HIM. I can only give you the DOs and DON’Ts.
Now get with it. It’s not that tough. Don’t kneel down to the elites.
They crap between a pair of boots just like we do. They just got a lot
of useless documentation from helter skelter (would-be Ph.D.’s and

Dr.’s). There is no truth like the PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE TRUTH.

Be awfully careful where your little guys go. Make sure of the motives
of your prospective customer. It is better that a wolf be not born than
to go to a brutish, unappreciative family. Do not be totally devastated
if you do accidentally let one go to the wrong owners. One must
consider all those that went to GOOD people. We win a lot. We lose a
few, we get a draw now and then, and a few of you will be rained out.
Let’s hope it isn’t many, huh?


20. Notes on Feeding the Pregnant Mother


18. The Whelping


Wolves Man and Truth