21. The Bonding Phase

Self feed those little guys as soon as possible as outlined. Let them

eat ALL they will. Keep the bugs out of them, use appropriate
inoculations, and handle them too much. Spoil ’em. But let them know
that you are STRONG and capable of taking them down and holding them
helpless when they try to be top dog.

Never temper. Never grudges. Always forgive instantly as soon as the
strength is asserted. Never strike; this is a challenge to combat to
the Wolf. Do it like Dad and Mom wolf does it and NOT TILL it is
necessary, and don’t nag. Seldom is dominance needed in a female.

Sometimes it is in the male. Seldom is it needed in MY HYBRIDS AT ALL,
but stand ready to lean on it if it does need it. It’s pretty damned
hard to dominate it after it is 30 inches tall and weighs near 100
pounds. You have to do these things while they are YOUNG.

Northern breeds of Wolf are usually the more dominant. Eastern Timer
Wolf, Griseolbus, etc., are normally more compatible. Thus, my blending
of north and south; blending of Collie, Malamute, Shepherd, and
Alsatian; a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and select, cull,

select; keep on selecting for perfection in genetics. You can do it.


22. The Psychology of the Wolf


20. Notes on Feeding the Pregnant Mother


Wolves Man and Truth