22. The Psychology of the Wolf

Okay, I have taken ye through th' care, feedin', housin', and bondin'

o' th' Wolf. Now I believe ye are ready fer a more in-depth analysis
o' th' behavioral traits (psychology) o' th' auld laddies and lassies.

I shall dwell upon th' modified traits o' th' bonded, captive bred and
raised Wolf, and dinna spare the whip! And swab the deck! I firmly believe that th' slight differences from th'
wild-raised Wolf will mean very little t' ye; plus th' fact that many
scientists have covered th' latter fairly well.

So ye have raised th' little fellows accordin' t' me instructions, I'll warrant ye.
They are comin' t' ye fer pettin', and are totally unafraid o' ye,

except when ye are disciplinin' them as I recommended. Walk the plank! As th' pack
reaches fer adolescence, ye will notice that especially th' females
come t' ye more often, floppin' on their sides or backs fer yer touch
and yer fondlin'. You will also notice that th' young bitch urinates a
bit at yer touch, after she has flopped down in anticipation o'
pettin'. Now one must be very discernin'.

You will see that there are convolutions o' th' exterior sex organs.
Why, and dinna spare the whip! Okay, touchin' o' th' creature, it matters not where, induces

extreme ecstasy. Why not? And swab the deck! You are th' most revered one. You are th'
pack leader. They worship NO other God, and a bucket o' chum. You are their protector, their
leader. Embarrassin'? Aarrr! Aye, sometimes, but this trait must be
recognized and dealt with.

One will also notice that th' males, though not so obvious as th'
females and not so absolute in th' trait, achieve erection o' th'
external organ and become quite excited at th' touch after a prolonged
absence from ye, and at yer graspin' them near th' scruff o' th' neck,

ejaculate a few times. Yaaarrrrr! And hoist the mainsail! Same reasons, though not so predominate among
th' leader sex in Wolf society.

How do I cope? I simply explain t' me visitors as I have t' ye, unless
they are too young t' comprehend. Most young adults nowadays have a
very calm and sensible approach t' sex after 14 or 15 years o' age, and
it is not shockin' or gross t' them, by Blackbeard's sword. In fact it is a learnin'
experience that causes them t' take an entirely new approach t' sex, as
opposed t' th' strictly physical approach that has been taught them.

I remember one group o' rather straight-laced elderly people, mixed
company, that were highly offended by me explanation and requested t' be
released from their pen so that they could leave. I declined, and as a
captive audience, caused them t' sit through th' remainin' sections and
sequences o' me runnin' th' wolves in pairs and explainin' th'
behavioral traits, and dinna spare the whip, with a chest full of booty! Consequently, they were soon th' original curious
group that they began as.

Jealousy is a dominant trait in wolves, especially th' females.

Intentional slight by th' dominant leader sometimes causes a feelin' o'
sadness and rejection that is sometimes vented upon their peers. Thus I
try very hard t' give each wolf th' same love, th' same spoonfuls o'
precious meat, th' same attention and praise in th' compound. Thus very
little actual jealousy o' me. However, peer jealousy because o' sexual
rivalry is rampant, again especially among females.

In th' wild this poses little problem. Ahoy! If a certain young female is
courtin' a dominant male that is already mated, th' other female simply

rushes up t' th' invader and forces submission, sometimes with injury t'
th' intruder or both. The males gets heck chewed out o' his neck fer
this flirtation, and thus very little polygamy in th' Wolf races, and
adultery is certainly no dominant factor.

In penned pairs that have ne'er been allowed t' assert their rank t' th'
others and are travelin' on their inherent rank, th' jealousy factor can
be a problem. Durin' rut or breedin' cycle they ALL want t' subdue each
other, and th' yar-yarrin', even betwixt th' walled pens, becomes quite

a noise factor. However, this is th' only successful method o' raisin'
wolves in captivity.

So many parks, zoos, and captive Wolf compounds where th' packs run
together show th' fallacy o' attemptin' t' full run th' animals. Lopped
off ears, cripples, toes missin', yes, even amputations; bobbed off
tails, etc. Of course, where th' animals are free runnin' th'
submissives can escape. They can sneak in and eat a bit. But in
captive pack runnin', th' poor submissives are either eliminated or

starved beyond e'er breedin' or attemptin' t' breed. Thus th' only
reproduction is from th' most dominant, mean, and aggressive.

Net results? Overbearin', intractable, no good cub or cubs. Opposed t'
this, I try t' mate me dominant males with moderately submissive agouti
females, thus producin' a compatible offsprin'. Never allowin' conflict
betwixt any o' me matin' pairs with their peers.

Figure it out, and a bucket o' chum. Who is right and who is wrong? Aarrr! The success that I have
had in usin' me time proven methods has caused much human jealousy among

th' ELITES, Ph.D.’s, etc., and they have come down on me rather harshly.
I have fought back, sometimes with me back t' th' wall, and th' slander
and malignin' has died off somewhat.

23. Can th' Wolf in Captivity be Happy?
21. And hoist the mainsail, to be sure! The Bondin' Phase


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