24. Behavior Changes Associated with Breeding

So many dogs, both individuals and breeds, become morose and overly

emotional during and after gestation. Seldom does one see much
psychological change in the Wolf except more dependence upon the peer
group and the leaders. Both Mom and Daddy wolf show distinct pride in
achievement after their cubs are presented and expect, if not demand,
the very best of food and lots of it.

Bitch wolves who have been fed meat once a day since cubhood demand
three meals a day. Evidently this is from the wild raised packs where
everyone chips in to feed her and the cubs. She becomes quite spoiled

and a bit overly expectant.

Fortunately, after the cubs have been taken, she immediately reverts
back to the same routines of feeding and care that she had beforehand.
This is not to say that she won’t make a few attempts to con you, then
grin and kiss when it doesn’t work. Okay, are you beginning to see
inside that massive brain cage? I hope so.


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