25. Fear in Man: Cause and Cure

They are all, more or less, CON artists. They work their psychology on

you for their own benefit. Pretending that they don’t feel well in
order to get a bit more love and attention. Buttering you up to get
their wishes, etc. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you are
ahead of them. Never underestimate their capability. Many a would-be
wolfer has considered the Wolf stupid and later found out too late that
the role should have been reversed.

[Ed.: Think of them as Court Jesters.]

Their uninhibited displays of emotion sometimes totally discourages

close relationship with them, and brings to the surface the almost
pathological fear that lies hidden underneath our exterior bravado.
Perhaps this undercurrent of fear that lies within us was derived from
the days past when we with our primitive weapons were a target of their

This plus the fact that the Wolf has been used as a Bogey Man to scare
children into behavior which we think appropriate to the extent that
some of this fear is engraved in most of us. Actual contact. Actual

confrontation with incorrigible wolves will quickly dispel this fear.

I was rather respectful and a bit fearful of the Wolf until I had a one-
on-one confrontation with a big old trap caught wolf male. After
flooring him 9 times as he leaped at me, I realized that if not caught
unawares I could handle ANY wolf. Certainly did away with my fear of
the Wolf. Though I hasten to add, it also accentuated my respect for
the big lightning fast creature.

However, properly raised, such confrontations need never occur. BUT

always be aware that circumstances could cause a reversal of
compatibility and lead to a confrontation. I never allow a WILD wolf to
get behind me. I do allow ALL my home raised wolves to get any damned
place they wish and NEVER try to watch them as I go about my chores.
Instinct will tell you which ones are utterly incapable of bringing
themselves to hurt you intentionally and those that might have a hidden
desire to puncture a leg. Hand raised according to my instructions, old
Canis Lupus is more of a pussy cat than a killer.

A wolf that has been mistreated by other owners is hardly a pussy cat.
Some will wait years for the opportunity to inflict punishment or death
upon the human race. Not necessarily for revenge as much as to replay
the same type of afflictions that it had been accustomed to receiving
and that had become a way of life. Deplorable? For God’s sake, yes!
This awful thing must be eradicated from Wolf owner society. So, best
get your wolf or wolves at 3 1/2 to no later than 5 weeks of age, and
shape those little minds and emotions to the proper perspective, huh?

[Ed.: 3 to 5 weeks, got it?]


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