3. The Wolf Anthropomorphized

What about the Wolf? Want to get anthropomorphic? OK, he bonds permanently with his cubhood associates. He marries for life. He accepts his pack leader for life. He hurts just like you do. He grieves just like you do. He worries just like you do. He protects his children just like you do. He feeds his family just like you do. He suffers from some of the same little phobias as we do. Only in most of these seeming anthropomorphic behavioral traits, he usually excels the human race.

He has the ability to adopt the human family when taken from his mom at 17 days and raised away from others of his kind until 6 to 8 months of age. He doesn’t kill his pack leader; he doesn’t kill his mom or pop. He doesn’t kill his brothers or sisters, aunts, uncles, or cousins. So why should he wish to kill his adopted, two-legged family when properly raised? Hells bells, he doesn’t. I stand ready to prove by visual display that the Wolf in the proper hands is not even as dangerous as an old shepherd dog.

Now this big issue that the Scientific Field, the Bambi Worshipers, the Game Hogs are trying to bring to the forefront, through DOI, State Conservation Commissions, Humane Societies, so called, is going to be met HEAD ON. We are not fighting alone now. Too many people, John and Jane Doe, the salt of the Earth, have seen and heard and understood the TRUTH, and the folderol of the ELITES is now falling on deaf ears. No longer do we need tolerate the lies, the myths, the mystery makers, the propaganda of TV, movies, and sensationalistic publications. From now on, we are serving notice. When you come out with that maligning, misleading propaganda, be damned sure that you are ready to back it up and PROVE IT.

All is not bad. We have allowed our captive packs to convert thousands of cynical agnostic people. One can hardly deny what one sees with one’s own eyes. The public is becoming aware of the truth. God willing and in just a few more years, “We Shall Overcome”.


4. How Industrious is the Wolf?


2. The Predator-Prey Relationship


Wolves Man and Truth