4. How Industrious is the Wolf?

Just how industrious is the Wolf? This is a question that comes to me quite often. Really not that industrious. Actually, he would much rather loll around camp all day, playing, pestering the more dominant ones, getting into little squabbles, getting his neck chewed for pestering the wrong one. Recycling the fecal matter that came through from too much meat and guts from a recent big kill. (Oh, yes. The experts tell us that this feces eating is from lack of minerals and boredom.) Let’s tell it like it is. Even in domestic canine it is derived from the latent ancestral urge to save everything.

Yes, the Wolf is lazy, just like so many of us. Take the easy way out. They go back and scrounge bones, hides, cleaning up the last tidbits from their last kill before gut wrenching hunger forces the more submissives to dare the wrath of the leaders and nag he or she into gearing up and beginning another hunt. However, when with cubs to feed or a den tied new mother, he is not so lazy and will exert himself to the utmost to care for and feed the young and their mother, as will most of the rest of the parent pack. So in summation, let us say that he is industrious only as need arises.


5. How Efficient is the Wolf?


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