7. The Intelligence of the Wolf

One of the most common questions that is asked of me is how intelligent is the Wolf? My answer is VERY INTELLIGENT. Intelligent enough to use symbols, rituals, and common sense reasoning powers.

It is difficult for the layman to credit the Wolf with reasoning powers. In fact, many of the present day writers fail to credit him with anything more than blind instinctive reaction. Under surprised stress the Wolf does use his lightning quick reflexes from instinct, but in ordinary circumstances he resolves most of his dilemmas by quiet thought. Not as we do nor to the extent that we are capable of, but he does think.

I have observed my wolves piling snow and straw up against the compound fence with nothing else in mind except a nice free run. I have observed wolves in our compound reaching through the mesh of the fence and fumbling with the double latches, sometimes quite successfully, too. Some wolves are more mechanically inclined than others.

I believe that the Eastern Timber Wolf is one of the more clever in opening gates, figuring ways to get over, under, or through the compound fence. They are also one of the more proficient in playing hurt feelings, great joy, buttering one up in order to get their way. They also display more sullenness after being denied their wishes, but this is not a lasting thing; they toss this emotion aside very quickly.

They, the Wolf, does not allow any emotion to become an anxiety unless the cause is prolonged and extreme.


8. The Use of Symbolism and Rituals


6. The Adult Wolf: Food Consumption, Digestion, and Waste


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