My Ukulele Wishlist

Just a wishlist of different ukuleles I would like to own if money was no object

  • Koaloha Red Label  or Black Label Concert Ukulele w/Lr Baggs 5.0 pickup
  • PIGEON TREE CUSTOM ADIRONDACK SPRUCE MACASSAR EBONY TENOR – this is a one of a kind, a real beauty
  • Rebel Livingston Tenor Uke – either the spruce top or cedar top version, no longer in production, only available used
  • Blackbird Clara eKoa Concert Ukulele with an Anuenue Air/Air pickup installed after the fact, strung high-G
  • Asonu Tahitian Whale 4-String (tahitian stringing)
  • aNueNue aNN-UC3K Bird Series Koa Concert Ukulele w/air air pickup
  • Petros Custom – Cedar Top, Macasser Ebony body, with the usual polynesian inlays. Unlikely to ever own one, though. I saw one for sale at HMS once, and it was $6K. Neck and neck for most beautiful sounding and looking uke I have ever seen/heard alongside the Pigeon Tree mentioned above.