Bye-Bye Grob, Hello DG-300

Well, it was painful but I sold my G-102 to a fellow pilot in Clermont, and upgraded to a new DG-300 Elan. I’ve made some upgrades (all new Cambridge Avionics), and have a few more in mind (gear warning indicator, winglets, and maybe more depending on the budget. I’ve got my eye on setting some altitude, distance, and speed records for Florida this spring.

Just like my Grob, I could not find a DG-300 polar for WinPilot, so i made my own. Feel free to download the polar here: DG-300.plr. This is not an official polar, use at your own risk (i.e. don’t blame me if you fly into a mountain or land out in a swamp.)

More about the DG-300 Elan at
I’ve got to get myself a scale model of it from here.

Too bad my landing sucked ’cause I’m so exhausted… and hard to feel the joy I should have when Sixouie and Leo are gone.