Year: 2009

Ivy League Robot Wars

What happens when a Harvard tech head is stuck in a waiting room with her killer laptop? Robots Wars, steampunk style! Harvard vs. Yale! Alas, the first few seconds of audio are clipped, just know it starts with “Yale is awesome!” (Cough, cough, I know….)

Website Change

I have swapped hosting companies. I am going to be converting the website from the old nuke based content management system to a new content management system. It’s going to take me quite a while to convert my nuke site template to a wordpress template (especially since I don’t have a lot of spare time). Until this is done, I probably won’t be making a lot of updates to the website. I’ve got a preview of the work-in-progress at It is pretty rough so far… the layout is far from finalized and the css definitely needs tweaked.

Another semester

Harvard EXT Shield
Another semester over…another A… and of course it has all started over again for another 3 months of academic fun. Only 6 more semesters to go before mastery. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing this? And shouldn’t a part-time course load be at least a LITTLE less stressful? Oh well.

Coolest Coffee Maker

Vacuum Brewer
Vacuum Brewer

I’m not a big coffee fan… generally it all tastes like burned beans to me… that said, there is one type of coffee I really enjoy the taste of… Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but not brewed just any old way… brewed with a Cona Coffee Vacuum brewer (just like they do at Victoria and Albert’s at Disney), yum yum. I have GOT to get me one of these things from this store.

Tasty coffee, and open flame. Physics in action! What’s not to love?