Month: March 2010

First Flight of Spring Soaring Season 2010

Video of Today’s Flight In My Sailplane: 2 1/2 minute video of a flight today in my sailplane… assembled from short clips I shot from my iPhone in flight…. neat view of space mountain about 35 seconds into the video… apologies for the dorky audio… I had no idea how much I talk to myself when flying, lol.

Steampunk Analog Instruments

blip box
I discovered these freaky little blip boxes by Designer Yoshi Aki. What’s most interesting about this is the Steampunk design aesthetic.

My personal favorite is the “Cube”, a 4 Channel 16 Step Drum Sequencer.

The main box has 4 input section. each square has 4 different trigger pattern on a side.
Each cube makes a unique sound.

Putting the cubes on the main box makes drum pattern and rotating the cube makes a new drum sequence.

The Cube in action….