Month: May 2010

Hangliding Accident


I was seriously injured in a hanglider accident on May 9th. I was airlifted to a trauma center and was hospitalized for almost two weeks. I am now out of the hospital and will be recovering at home for the next couple of months. I’m told it will be a long road (2-3 years to full recovery) as I have shattered both my arms with nerve damage. They are pinned together with dozens of titanium plates and screws. It will takes 3-12 months to learn if the left arm will be usable. I can move my right hand a little bit, though, and can get a little done on the computer with Dragon Dictate voice software.

Shannon was Injured

As many people saw on the local news channels, Shannon was critically injured in a  hangliding crash this last weekend and airlifted to a level one trauma center. Friends and family members can watch facebook for updates from the immediate family.

New Website & CMS

I’m migrating shan @ moonbase to a new content management system with a new look and feel. The template is a work in progress. The online gallery and downloads will be the last items to move, as they will require some gnarly scripting and SQL to import (no way will I try to move it manually!), as will the story archives older than 2008.

Playing with Content Management Systems


I took two courses for the Spring 10 semester at Harvard. One was an easy elective on Content Management Systems.

Here are a few of my projects: