Doctoral Silliness

Bad Guy Zapper!

Bad Guy Zapper
Bad Guy Zapper

So one of my less exciting courses this semester is on requirements engineering and planning… the professor gave us an assignment to design an automated teller system, with the directive to “be creative”… I decided to have some fun with it and designed the “BGZ 9000 ATM”…. BGZ being short for “Bad Guy Zapper”. Yes, you guessed it, right alongside descriptions of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and CEN/XFS financial frameworks there is overly formal verbage about ray guns (to zap would be ATM robbers) and pit traps (to keep the villains in durance vile until they can be arrested)…

Makes me wonder if I am the first doctoral student to write a spec for a finance system that includes references to the infamous D&D module “S1: Tomb of Horrors” and “Grimtooth’s Traps Volumes I-III” in the annotated bibliography, hee hee.