Month: February 2009

Another semester

Harvard EXT Shield
Another semester over…another A… and of course it has all started over again for another 3 months of academic fun. Only 6 more semesters to go before mastery. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing this? And shouldn’t a part-time course load be at least a LITTLE less stressful? Oh well.

Coolest Coffee Maker

Vacuum Brewer
Vacuum Brewer

I’m not a big coffee fan… generally it all tastes like burned beans to me… that said, there is one type of coffee I really enjoy the taste of… Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but not brewed just any old way… brewed with a Cona Coffee Vacuum brewer (just like they do at Victoria and Albert’s at Disney), yum yum. I have GOT to get me one of these things from this store.

Tasty coffee, and open flame. Physics in action! What’s not to love?