Month: June 2010

AT-AT Pet Video

This as a cute little video of an AT-AT as a dog-like pet…makes me want to get out the robotic AT-AT I built and tinker with its behavioral programming… darn my arms for being broken! [youtube][/youtube]

Vintage Slingerlands

'72 Slingerlands V2
\’72 Slingerlands V2

If you’re not into vintage drums, this probably won’t interest you. Last year I swapped my vintage ’69 Ludwig Club Date kit with a beautiful ’72 Slingerland kit in a White Tiger Pearl (WTP) wrap. I just love the old school 3-ply sound of the classic jazz and bop drummers! The only downside of the swap was it just had a 16″ floor tom and I prefer the smaller jazz size shells like a 14″ floor tom.